Wednesday, December 02, 2009
posted by ghettoculturale at 2:54 PM

With Katie Price flown back home and Samantha Fox voted out, Ghettoculturale should have no reason to lose his sleep in front of his MacBook watching hours and hours of "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!" on YouTube.
No Model, no 80's human memorabilia, no party.
BUT reality tv is often more surprise packed than reality itself.
And watching the show, we got to know someone who's definitely going to become one of our shiniest icons ever: Kim Woodburn.
Kim is the paradigm of how the TypicalBritishNiceMiddleAgedLady could be pictured in a foreigner's mind.
Blonde, tall, not exactly thin, completely old fashioned, educated and absolutely FaGulous.
I bet you can't find somebody who can't recognize someone they know, looking at Kim.
And besides her peculiar looks, it's the reason why she's famous, that makes her even more attractive to us.
Kim is a Tv presenter.
And the show in which she features is called "How clean is your House?"
Together with professional partner Aggy, Kim visits filthy homes trying to make them clean and neat.
That is absolutely the kind of show Ghettoculturale could spend his whole sorry life in front of.
Seeing this sophisticated and perfectly dressed lady facing tons of dirt and mess, hanging around the grossest places where human beings could live is just priceless.
We love her good manners, her extremely British allure and the way she adresses to the residents with expressions such as "Hang your head in shame!"
Take a look at this video:

Isn't she just LOVELY, with her tower hairdo, her pink suit and her jewellery?
Wouldn't she just be the perfect picky auntie coming over to visit and complaining about the way you keep your house?

Now, could you imagine someone like Kim IN THE JUNGLE?
We've been watching almost every episode and figured out we want her to win.
Not only because of all those expressions she uses to turn to her fellow contestants like "Dear", "daaawling" or "MY LOVEY".
Not only because she usually talks to things when she has no actual people to talk to.
But because she keeps cool and lovely even during the hard times anyone can have in a jungle.
Just as educated and old fashioned as she is when she's scratching the dirt off the stinkiest surfaces, she's just incredibly polite when she's involved in the most horrible tasks among the scariest creatures on the planet too.
Imagine how she could behave while covered in smelly insects and locked inside a glass coffin that's been drowned in water.
Would she scream, lose her mind and beg to be rescued out?
No way.
Kim is a lady. A tough lady.

Check this out:

No horrible insect, no disgusting jungle animal could ever pervert the way she expresses herself.
"There's no respect for the elderly!" That is the maximum level of nerve reaction she could reach, while a million cockroaches were being poured on her body.

We love you Kim.
And we want you on Italian Tv too.

We won't talk about what Wikipedia says about her, because you can easily read it yourself.
We can only say that after reading about her life, we perfectly understood the reasons why she's so tough. And then, we love her even more.