Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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Michelle Heaton. A perfect Z-lister for the british public. A perfect Nobody for the Italian audience.
A HUGE star for Ghettoculturale, of course. Did you have any doubt about that? Well, you're sort of finally getting to know how this blog works, then.
Anyway: for those who live in the beautiful country of pasta, pizza and smashed Prime Ministers' faces, we will try to explain in a few words how great her media figure is.
Michelle Heaton is a rejected, a fallen star who never really rose.
And a close friend of Jordan too.
That would be enough for us to love her. But there's more to come.
A Popstar contestant who did not make it to the final part of the show, Michelle eventually teamed up with some other rejected contestants and formed popband LibertyX.
A name which could mean nothing to an italian.
But you don't know what we are talking about, so you might need to watch this video:

This was the soundtrack of a very famous italian tv advert, back in 2003. For Tesmed Electric Stimulators. (Ghettoculturale is very pissed because no video of it was to be found on YouTube.)
Anyway, apart from this video, in which Michelle looks quite chubby by the way, she has even more remarcable records:

She starred in quite a large number or reality tv shows during the last years, including Celebrity Big Brother with Coolio and Mutya Buena.
She took part at some docu-reality-fiction shows too. One above all was called "The truth about Bindge Drinking", in which she drank the life out of herself to show how dangerous that kind of habit is. Quite brave indeed, in our opinion.
Also because she had to end the show earlier than expected as all the drinking was taking quite a big toll on her organism. Would you ever have expected that from Jordan's best friend? We wouldn't.
And besides this, she even has a very famous sister in law:

Lisa Scott Lee. Our favorite Steps member ever.
That would be enough, for our eternal devotion to such a multitasking, multitalented and multifamilyrandomlyaccessorised star.
But there is even more to come.
Being a fallen popstar, Michelle is often taking part at tv shows as a guest, for a living.
And she was a guest at "The Apprentice" last show, last night.
As we were saying, being Michelle a fallen star, the thing she can do at her best besides presenting and being dressed as a Christmas Present (look at the bow on her back, please) could only be one: falling.


At December 19, 2009 12:39 AM, Anonymous musicpop

Ma scrivi in italiano o almeno scrivi sotto l'articolo in inglese la traduzione, voglio leggere i tuoi post ma in inglese non è facilissimo!