Monday, November 16, 2009
posted by ghettoculturale at 3:20 PM

Katie Price has left the US, not before spreading some brand new high-profile business knowledge on some major tv show.
It must feel quite good to be her, in the end.
Being Katie Price (or Jordan, or whatever-you-call-her-it's-good-as-long-as-you-call-her) must be good.
Who wouldn't just LOVE to be interviewed about flying to LA for Botox and hair extension?
And who wouldn't just LOVE to talk about that just as if it was something important and qualifying?
Any way you put it, though you probably wouldn't tell by her make-up, it seems like the masquerade is over.
Katie Price has reached the point in which she's no longer pretending to be serious about what she does for a living. And she doesn't even seem to bother about being mocked during interviews.
She's just being herself, and who cares about the rest?
Her boyfriend is a cross-dresser. Who cares?
Her forehead doesn't move for too much botox. Who cares?
As she just says: "The industry we are in is just a game."
And it really looks like she's enjoying it.