Tuesday, November 24, 2009
posted by ghettoculturale at 12:48 AM

It's been just one week since Model and Business Woman Katie Price entered the cast of "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!".
And after just one week, it seems like her Media Karma has striken back at her.
Katie Price has left the jungle.
Yes. It is true.
Ghettoculturale's favorite Self-Merchandising Glamour Icon has walked out after being sentenced to take part at her SEVENTH bushtucker trial.
For those who don’t know what a bushtucker trial is (almost everyone in Italy except me, I think), it’s one of those courage or strenght tests celebirties have to do on reality tv shows.
What makes the tests more interesting in this reality tv show we are talking about, is that they usually consist in celebrities facing jungle creatures such as huge insects and predators or reptiles; or climbing, diving, swimming, chasing, drowning right in the middle of the jungle, facing its darkest corners and getting in real contact with the wilder side of the jungle (if there’s a side that’s wilder than another one, of course).
We are actually talking about tests and challenges which SEEM TO BE quite real, not made up, compared to the ones we usually see on italian tv.
They actually look more like some wacko’s perversion than some tv-authors’ thoughts.

So, imagine how annoyed one can get after being chosen to be the one to do those kind of things for the SEVENTH time in a row.
Katie Price clearly had enough of eating bugs, crawling inside rat-infested caves and drowning her giant breasts in muddy waters.
And she surely had enough of doing it for the hell of it, just to be the next one to be picked for the upcoming trial, every given time.
That must be quite frustrating even for someone who seems to have sold their feelings and soul to Satan after their first breast-enlargement surgery.

So, in the end, she walked out.
She does not need the money, for crying out loud.
She only needs attention, and she definitely got enough of it.
But there’s something more, underneath, at least in our opinion.
Katie Price being sentenced to the SEVENTH bushtucker trial in a row means just one thing: that the public wanted her to suffer. They probably wanted some kind of revenge for all the times they couldn’t escape seeing her face or hearing her voice on tv and tabloids.
They have given her back the bother.
So it finally seems like it’s all up to the public.
Ghettoculturale had been wondering WHO could have wanted Katie Price back in the jungle, who could have actually made the decision to bring her back to the Outback. Didn’t we just all had enough of her? Hadn’t she just been so over-exposed since the day she left Peter Andre, constantly demanding attention and constantly getting it even when it seemed no one wanted her to get it?
We thought she was way too exposed to be sent back to where it all began.
We were so wrong.
Because all Katie Price needed to be stopped was just moving backwards.
Going back to the Jungle after 6 years has only meant one thing: there is probably more people out there who want to see her struggle and fight than those who want to see her striking poses in front of cameras or prasing her boyfriend’s wardrobe antics.
There’s more people who want to see her tired, dirty, sweaty and scared than those who want to see her flashing bits of her surgically enhanced body to the cameras.
Under an easier point of view: there’s a lot of people who just wanted to tell her she’s being doing far too much business lately, and should probably take a break.
She obviously won’t do that.
But in the end, at least she knows she’s probably been playing too much with her image, lately.
And as she has said during an interview before heading to the outback, “The industry we are in is just a game”. And like every game, you’re not always supposed to win.

P.S.: Now that we lost our favorite celebrity starring in the show, we can only confide in Samantha Fox.
Go Sam, go! Rock the Jungle!