Thursday, November 26, 2009
posted by ghettoculturale at 3:00 PM

We knew there was more to come. And there is.
Just 3 days after Katie Price's exit from I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here, the show's ratings have dramatically dropped down.
And when we say "down" we really mean "Zown, Zown" or "Down-down-down, down to the ground", as Carmit Bachar would sing with her angel voice.
The show nearly lost 20% of viewers since Model and Busuiness Woman Katie Price left.
That's quite a big amount indeed.
And speaking of big stuff: even though she left the cast earlier than expected, Jordan is about to make big money out of this last professional adventure of hers.
Despite being paid only £100,000 instead of £350,000, her premature departure from the jungle is going to be worth much more. How? Just as usual: magazine deals, interviews, photoshooting sessions and self-merchandinsing routine.
The same old story, in the end.
Even dumping her last boyfriend live on tv is already granting her publicity. A fame whore will always manage to drive attention on her path.
There's a calculating intention hiding underneath her every move.
After quitting the jungle, she declared she wanted to rush home to see her kids.
But she's been hanging around her luxury hotel enjoying the company of her friends and some fancy (and questionable) shopping sessions, instead of grabbing the first flight home.

After 3 days, she probably made up her mind about those tough issues she talked about in her first interview after the show and decided to head back home.
The show will be missing her. But her whole life is a tv show, we know it. So, as someone said, THE SHOW MUST GO ON. And it will.