Thursday, November 26, 2009
posted by ghettoculturale at 4:08 PM

Nicole gets the final say, just how it's meant to be.
According to several sources, the Pussycat Dolls have just split.
Okay, okay, this sounds very familiar, it's true.
Every now and then, someone pops up on the web saying that Ghettoculturale's favorite girlband ever does not exist anymore.
And every single time, we just refuse to believe that.
Come on, who would believe that Pure Evil Itself® Robin Antin could ever give those girls the privilege to decide whatever about their own professional or personal lives?
No way.
Those girls will be shaking their bums and stratching their legs to death until menopause will take its toll, we all knew that. And that's what we really liked about them.
This neverending self-sacrifice on the altar of slutty-burlesquish-common imagination Pop.
And apart from that, we've said it before.
Nicole just can't take it all on her own tiny shoulders. A D.I.V.A. like her must have some side kinda-hookers close to her.
It's in every D.I.V.A.'s genes to constantly need some less attractive supporting figures.
And about that long-awaited solo project: WAKE UP! It's been delayed since the last 3 (three: one-two-three) bloody years. And some songs which were supposed to be in it already came out in the band's last (and fundamental) album.
So, what's it all about?

Robin Antin has already said that: "I OWN the Pussycat Dolls." And also "Whoever says something about them which I have not stated, is basically not telling the truth". Or something like that.
So, we turned to the Everlasting Oracle and Eternal Engine of the PussycatDolls, looking for an answer.
And the answer came in the form of a twit:

T.G.I.R.! Thank God it's Robin!
So, it was all bullshit. The usual bullshit.
The girls ARE NOT breaking up.
They will definitely keep on headspinning, shaking and dancing the life out of themselves until the VeryEndOfPop.
And that is not going to happen soon. Not until H.M. Madonna will still be encharged of Ruling the Universe and H.Highest M. Cherylin Sarkisian LaPierre will still be The One guarding on her and all the rest.

We are definitely allowed to say it loud and proud, once again:

We have some reflections about this news. At first, we really thought the split was true. And we panicked.
Then, in our desperate search for someone or something stating the opposite, we found Robin Antin's Twitter post and everything turned out to be apparently okay.
It only took us 15 minutes to see the news spreading even on Italian websites.
And we thought about it, over and over again.
According to what Robin said, PCD are NOT splitting. But that doesn't mean the band will stay the same. As we read here, the future is open to new music, new concepts and NEW FACES. And that can only mean one thing: that PCD might end up looking like the actual Sugababes. The same name, with a new line up.
We'll see what's about to happen. (In the meantime, we pray for Jessica Sutta to take over the leadership of the band).