Thursday, November 12, 2009
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The new edition of British reality tv show “I’m a Celebrity- Get Me out of Here!” is starting this coming weekend.
And guess who’s joined the cast, besides SAMANTHA FOX and MissTeeq’s leftover SABRINA WASHINGTON?
You’ll never believe this.
We talk about her. Jordan.
Six years ago, Jordan was in the cast of this show. She left the Jungle with her broom-to-be Peter Andre and finally entered the world of A-list celebrities.
Now she’s casted in the same show, after 6 years.
The biggest difference is the money. Jordan will earn £350,000 even if she’s going to be the last celebrity to join the cast in the jungle.
All the other celebes starring in the cast surely already have a very personal and probably not too friendly opinion about her, as they’re all going to earn 5 times less money than her.

6 years later, Jordan’s career parabola is apparently twisting back on itself and moving backwards.
In our minds, Jordan seems to have established a new personal professional record: she has overturned the logic of media recycling system.
Until today, it seemed like only almost-forgotten and “fallen” stars were eligible to get back on the track taking part in these kinds of shows.
Right now, it looks like even those stars who are apparently still in a good media-exposure shape can be recycled and start all over again.
That might sound like a signal, an evidence of the fact that Jordan, or at least her image needs some fresh air.
Could that mean that she might have lost something along the way and got back to the first steps of her carreer, when she needed more exposure and was always struggling to show up at parties, premieres, desperatly making her way up to mainstream stardome?
Does this recycle process testify that no matter how much money, how many covers, sponsorships and collateral marketing operations she may have gotten, she hasn’t moved on that much?

Those tricky media analysis thoughts and showbiz- speculations could have earned us several more headaches.
But then, we bumped into Lady GaGa’s brand new music video.
And in a neverending process of compulsiv music frution, all we can manage to say since 24 hours could be resumed in this simple words: "Romah-Romah-muh.. GaGa Ooh-La-La".
That’s probably so much the better.

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